Construction Management

Due to the lack of strict professional standards regulating Construction Management services in Canada, there are considerable differences in the scope and quality of services offered throughout the construction industry. At TriAxis Construction, we take considerable pride in our professional and systematic approach to construction which utilizes several proven and advanced management techniques to ensure that our Client's objectives are never compromised.

As Construction Managers, we become actively involved at the early stages of the project where we collaborate with owners, architects, designers, engineers and consultants to ensure that our Client's needs are first and foremost in every decision. It has been our experience that as the project evolves to later stages, especially after completion of the design documents, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to affect the final outcome of the project's schedule or final cost.

We strongly believe that by utilizing our comprehensive Construction Management services, we can play a significant role in reducing the overall cost and duration of a project. It has been our experience that we have been able to deliver cost savings to our Clients that have substantially exceeded our fixed Construction Management fee for the project.

Due to the ever-growing demand for our professional management services, the Construction Management form of contracting represents the largest component of our services.

To realize the full benefits of our professional Construction Management services, we would be pleased to provide a no-obligation Fee Proposal for your next upcoming project.

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