Our Approach

Striking The Perfect Balance

Throughout the life of a project, there are hundreds of critical decisions that must be made which have a direct impact on the overall success or failure of a project.

Our company philosophy is that each and every decision, small or large, must take into consideration its' direct and indirect impact on all key project objectives as defined by cost, schedule and scope. By integrating these three interrelated project parameters on a 3-dimensional axis system, we have developed our company name "TriAxis".

Our experienced and qualified construction professionals ensure that any action taken to affect one project objective carefully considers the impact on the remaining two parameters, since the net result invariably defines the outcome of any project. In many cases, a project may meets it's cost objective, but fails to meet either the scheduled completion date, or the expected quality levels, which by our strict company standards cannot be considered a successful project.

Since our inception, it has been our uncompromising dedication and commitment to striking the perfect balance of cost, schedule and scope that has been our guiding principle and the foundation of our company name.


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