Precast Panels start at Amazon Building in Caledon

In less than five months after breaking ground on the construction of our 1 million square foot Amazon Fulfilment Centre project in Caledon, we are delighted to have successfully met another major milestone this week by starting the 44′ high precast cladding on this massive building on schedule.

Since mid-August, in collaboration with our client, Blackwood Partners and our team of dedicated trade partners and staff, we have made incredible progress including servicing and grading over 52 acres of raw land, forming and pouring 4,500 lineal feet of foundations and erecting approximately 700,000 sf of structural steel and joists.

Our next major milestone is pouring the slab-on-grade and fully enclosing approximately 350,000 sf of the building with precast cladding, metal decking and roofing by March 2019 to permit commencement of the installation of the Amazon storage racking.

We extend our sincerest gratitude and congratulations to our committed project team on accomplishing this extremely significant milestone and look forward to working together to meet our next major goal of enclosing one-third of the building by Spring 2019 !!!

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